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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 02:01 am
On the good news front, I feel like we mostly have a list of returning characters from Tis No Deceit for Interesting Times. We are going to set the game roughly five to ten years later, so it will be more of a steampunk supers kind of setting, with singing.

Choice of returning characters is primarily based on whether people still have some story left in them, plus how they can be warped into a superhero or villain. Everyone in the sequel will fall into that kind of category now. I think we'll be going with close to a fifty/fifty split on new versus returning characters.

School for Young Women is almost full. We have five males spots left, out of 42 players. I've had at least a couple women who returned apps who don't mind crost casting, so that is an option if there are still women who want to sign up.

Speaking of apps, I sent out the app last night. As of right now, I've gotten back 19 of them. That's a pretty good return rate for one day.

My favorite response on an app so far has been, "I hate you guys so much. Die in a fire." I feel like I must have done something right. :)

The evil part of me wants to cast based on that comment, but I'm not quite that evil ...... okay, I am, but not as far as casting is concerned. Casting is casting. It's all about what will make a great game for everyone.

The player list is made of cool. There are a lot of people I know on it, as well as a few I don't. For one player, this will be their first weekend trying larps, so hopefully it doesn't scare her away. For another, this will be her third game. Clearly, she hasn't learned her lessen yet and is now addicted like the rest of us.

In other news, I am working this Thursday, so will not be at BSCF. We doing set up for a sale. As a result, I am actually off on Friday instead.

I have no plans right now. If anyone would care to do something, let me know. I don't usually have a free Friday, unless I specifically take it off for a larp, so this is kind of unusual for me. I'd love to find something to do with the day.

However, my suspician is that everyone I know is spending the weekend at PAX, which I am not attending. :(


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