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I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Various larp and Intercon stuff...

School for Young Women will be running at Vestival at Brandeis. It will run across two slots, so is definitely a Saturday game.

I submitted the bid for Interesting Times, the sequel to Tis No Deceit, to Intercon K. It has been accepted. So, we'll be running that one next year.

I feel like we should do another run of Tis No Deceit sometime between now and then. I'm not sure where or when, though.

April will be kind of busy with larps, with Serendipity Station, Vestival and a run of TMA at RPI.

I have gotten my character for Leash. In some ways, I feel like Ash and Charizard. It's probably wrong to battle E-pho, but mine would totally win.

I am totally not sure what kind of end result I see for my character in the game, but I think it will be fun no matter what.

Otherwise, I shall be packing and stuff for Intercon tomorrow. I never went to the Thursday thing last year, so I have no idea when people start hanging around the con. I know the panels don't start til nine, but that's about it.

As yet, my plans still involve driving home Thursday night and driving back on Friday. I'm going to have everything packed in my car on Thursday, just in case I find someone willing to share some room space for Thursday night.

Otherwise, I am just really psyched for the con! See you all there! :)

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