Friday, July 21st, 2017 04:26 pm
Accomplishment chart, 7/14 – 7/20


- drafting for GenCon-exclusive quests for EO

- drafted scenes 2b, 9a, 9b, 12, 13b, and 14 for Mrs. Hawking 4, version 1

- worked on drafting scenes 9c for Mrs. Hawking 4, version 1

- scrubbing for “Continual Practice” scene for Mrs. Hawking 6

- scribbling for Mrs. Hawking 6

- 2 journal entries


- had 3 performances of Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP


- 2 two-mile runs

- 1 fighter abs routine

- 1 weight machine routine

- walked 10,000+ steps 4 days

- walked 15,000+ steps 1 days


- listened to episode 118 of Tom and Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest


- made mixed berry pie with puff pastry crust

- made baked chicken thighs with steamed broccoli
Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 07:41 pm
Every few years or so, I rewatch Batman: The Animated Series. And every time it shocks me with its quality, its style, and the powerful effect it has on me.

I've adored it since I was a child. It so much to shape my aesthetic of storytelling and style. It did more to inspire me to create Mrs. Hawking than anything, and I actually have to work to distinguish my character from the prototype, rather than just recreating everything I found cool about the original.

I say I love Batman in general, and I do. I've read the comics since childhood and even enjoyed some of the films. But who I LOVE-- what I think of when I think of LOVING BATMAN-- is this Batman. This is MY Batman, the character that inspired me, that still shakes me with just how cool he is.

So many excellent choices. Kevin Conroy's performance-- he is still THE ONLY TRUE BATMAN TO ME --contrasting Bruce Wayne with his true self wearing the mask, which was HIS OWN INVENTION, by the way. The way he presents himself as Bruce Wayne as a nice guy but ultimately too vain and dumb for anybody to really take seriously-- I prefer that to the douchebag Bruce any day. Alfred's sweet relationship with him and his hilarious low-key snarking. Robin's conception as a college kid rather than a young boy. The character of Renee Montoya. The way they use the villains made me believe this is the best rogues' gallery of all comic book superheroes, giving human weight and motivation to what might otherwise just seem absurd. How COOL everything is-- Batman's costume, the Batcave, the Batmobile (in the style I affectionately call the Batillac), how the fight scenes look.

This most recent rewatch made me particularly appreciate the characterization of the hero-- his childhood trauma INFORMS his personality, and sometimes rears its head in his present life, but mostly he's COPING and not RULED BY IT. After all, being Batman? PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME COPING MECHANISM! It mitigates the melodrama and pitfalls the character tends to fall into when he's played too grimdark. The freaking films should have taken note.

I wanted to be this Batman so badly as a kid, such that to this day I can't wait the sequel series Batman Beyond without being suffused with naked envy for Terry McGuinness learning at the master's knee. Writing Mrs. Hawking is in a way getting to live that fantasy. Without this show, there would be no Mrs. Hawking-- one of the best things I've created in my life.
Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 07:26 pm
I have not been writing in my journal much lately. Between my day job being writing and trying to finish the first draft of Mrs. Hawking part 4, I've been doing so much writing I haven't had the wherewithal to journal as well. But I hate not keeping up with it, because I like having a record of my life and thoughts to look back on.

Not that I have too much to say right now. My life has been mostly taken up with working on those projects and I don't know that I have much to report on those fronts right now. But this journal is important to me, and I want to keep it up. Maybe I just need to write just something tiny, anything at all, rather than nothing. I like being able to look back on what I was thinking or doing at any given time, and I can't do that if I don't keep the record.
Friday, July 14th, 2017 09:18 am
Accomplishment chart, 7/7 – 7/13


- drafting for faction quests for EO
- drafted scenes 3a, 3b, 11c, 5c, 6b, 7, and 9c for Mrs. Hawking 4, version 1
- worked on drafting scenes 8c and 14 for Mrs. Hawking 4, version 1
- 1 journal entry

- had cue-to-cue rehearsal for Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP
- had 2 dress rehearsals for Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP

- finalized costuming for Murders at the Rue Morgue with PMRP

- made gallery of John Benfield’s photos of Act I of Base Instruments at WCSF ‘17

- 1 two-mile runs
- 1 fighter abs routine
- walked 10,000+ steps 2 days

- watched Edge of Tomorrow movie
- listened to episode 117 of Tom and Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest

- made baked chicken with peppers and onion and strawberry spinach salad
Monday, July 10th, 2017 10:36 am
New post on!

"Completed outline for Mrs. Hawking part 4!"

I have hit my first milestone in my process of putting together the fourth Mrs. Hawking story!

For the month of June, Bernie and I worked on creating a complete outline with all the story events with the proper structure. Our goal was to have it done by the end of the month, and we completed it with one day to spare. That means I can successfully move on to drafting it, which is in some ways more fun than planning, but in other ways more challenging— because I have to move on from theory to actual execution.

Read the rest on!
Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 09:06 am
Since it's almost halfway through the summer, I thought I'd give a report while I actually have a moment.

I've been at my new job with Evil Overlord Games for almost a month now, and I think it's going well! I am definitely enjoying it, and I'm working very hard to do well. I've produced an enormous amount of writing, though I'm still getting used to the situation of doing it for a set time for an entire workday. Creativity on a regular schedule takes some adapting! But I'm enjoying the challenge, and I am very determined to deliver good work. This past week I was working as fast as I could in an effort to meet a deadline, so it will likely call for a lot of editing, but getting it down on the page is always the biggest challenge for me.

I've also been working on drafting Mrs. Hawking part 4, tentatively titled Gilded Cages. (I'm not crazy about that title, but I'm not sure what else to call it.) What I've got so far is very rough, but I've made a good start-- as I've mentioned, I've got to just get some garbage on the page in order to have some material to work with and improve. It's been a bit harder and weirder, given that I've got so much other writing to do lately, but having my day job provide way more writing responsibilities is actually a pretty good problem to have.

I'm also in tech week for Murders and Scandals, the PMRP double feature of Murders in the Rue Morgue and A Scandal in Bohemia. I must say, it has been quite some time before I've had a tech week that was this low-intensity, given I've been doing the piece-heavy Mrs. Hawking shows. We open this coming weekend at Responsible Grace in Somerville, so check out our schedule of performances to see which show you can make!