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Thursday, March 18th, 2010 06:24 pm
Going to BSCF tonight for gaming. Should be fun. Next Thursday, I will likely need to work, so will miss that one. I may actually be off on the Friday of that week, if anything interesting is going on then.

I'm heading out towards Worcester on Sunday to check out the WPI gaming thing. Then, I've been invited along to Don's place for further gaming afterwards. It should be a fun day.

After that, the next thing I've got planned is Serendipity in April. I should probably figure out my costuming for that at some point. I wanted to find a Chinese looking vest that will fit me, but haven't had time to really do so. I'm not sure what my expense budget is for this also. I may need to be somewhat off on costuming for the first game and improve for a later game.

The weekend after is Vestival of the Larps, during which I will be running School for Young Women. I approve of any convention which requires people to wear vests. I have a plethora of them. That's why it's called Vestival, right? Clearly, this weekend was designed with me in mind.

We are currently is discussion stages of Interesting Times, as to the exact setting we are going to use. We may in fact be setting it much closer in time frame to Tis No Deceit, and bringing back several characters from the first game as hero/villains now, with crappy and lame powers. This would result in more of a steampunk heroic setting.

No matter what we decide, it's going to be singing again. We're just debating the rest of the setting right now, so the blurb may change a little once we decide.


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