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Sunday, March 14th, 2010 09:55 pm
Intercon is over and I am home. First post on the subject. More detailed ones another time.

I took a nap this afternoon. I was just completely fried. I am awake again, though I cannot claim to be all that alert. My attention is going in and out of focus a lot.

I did not hang out with others as much as I would have liked. Those that I did hang out with, I am already missing. Yeah, I'm entering the post-Intercon crash phase.

Posting about Intercon and talking to others I am missing will mitigate that somewhat, lessen the whole crash experience. When coming down from Intercon, the choice is to go cold turkey, or try to get some smaller doses of talking to people about games or whatever to level off. The second option is the one I prefer. It also makes dealing with the harshness of work the next day easier, especially when it's going to be another midnight thing.

I'm not sure how much I've changed or just how much the perception of me has changed, but I am finding that a lot more people this year were just randomly offering hugs to me as a greeting or farewell kind of thing. About a year ago, that was almost non-existent to me. I am all in favor of this change. I like getting hugs. It's just a little reminder that someone likes having me around. So, yay that.

I'm going to do a full Intercon posting, but not right this second. In fact, I may break it up into smaller portions, like a post for each game. That way, I can include spoilers for a game behind a cut and people can read about whichever games they are interested in without being spoiled for a game they didn't want to know something about.

For everything I did this weekend, running a game or playing in one, I enjoyed all of it. Some things I enjoyed more than others. I have regrets in every game I played, something I wish I had done differently. That is a common thing for me at Intercons, where I find it a little harder to immerse myself completely in a character after playing so many other characters. It makes my in character reactions slower, so sometimes moments pass before I'm quite ready to react. Sometimes, the moment slips away as a result. That's when I have a regret, when I feel like I missed the chance to say something, something that might have made for a cooler scene.

I wish I wasn't so tired at Intercon sometime. Maybe I should try to play less games like some others do. Not sure. I am fairly addicted to games, easily tempted by them. When someone mentions playing a game, it's like there's a little line in me that goes "twang" springing tight with excitement and interest. It's hard to imagine deliberately not playing a game when I have the chance to.

Anyway, it was great seeing everyone. Some people I barely said "hi" to, but it was still nice seeing them.