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Saturday, June 21st, 2014 02:29 am
Dia de los Sobres 2014

Dia de los Sobres is a day of small larps. Details on logistics and blurbs for the larps are below.

Date: Sunday, August 10th
Location: Brandeis in Waltham, Golding Building
Time: Games Start at 1pm

Currently, we have four larps planned. There will probably be one more in the latter part of the day.

Star-crossed 1pm-3pm
Dying of the Light 3pm-6pm
The Return to the Gray 6pm-9pm
The Tales of Irnh 1pm-5pm

To sign up for the current larps scheduled, send an email to darkoni (at) verizon (dot) net




Twelve years ago, Zodiac Publishing ceased to exist. It had been so successful, it brought all of its authors on a Caribbean cruise. On the third night of the cruise, a series of murders left all twelve authors dead. There are many theories as to what happened that night. Not a single one of them is right.

Tonight, the spirits of the fallen rise and try to remember what happened to them ... and figure out where they go from here

Star-crossed is a two hour game for twelve players. Players will be taking the roles of murder victims. Their spirits have awakened, somewhat confused about how they died and with fragments of what they used to know of each other.

Memories resurface in the form of small five minute scenes that play out in front of any who want to witness them. Ghosts remember things by reliving them.

Expect a game of revenge, revelations, romance, forgiveness, acceptance and the supernatural. Characters were written as gender neutral and players can decide what gender they want their character to be. That being said, there are romantic relationships in the game. If you are uncomfortable with a same gender romance plot, it might not be possible to avoid in a small game.

Dying of the Light

"You are cordially invited to a garden party at Khemenu Manor on Saturday 13 April 2013."

It seemed like a nice way to spend an afternoon. You hadn't seen the Lichtenbergs in a few weeks, and you'd always meant to get to know the Skyes and Wolfes better. Once you arrived, though... Unexpected things started happening. it seems that not everyone in this town is who they claim to be, or even who they thought they were.

The Dying of the Light, which won the 2013 Intercon Iron GM contest, is a three hour game about Endings of all kinds, set at a garden party in the Hamptons. Character sheets are 3-5 pages long, plus 1-2 pages of bluesheet. High weirdness, high angst. Game is neither highly mechaniced nor mechanics-light. Trigger warnings for abusive relationships, terminal illness, and religious themes.

The Return to Gray

The remaining five staff members of Le Phare, an underground newspaper serving the French Resistance, had planned tonight as a celebration of the 200th issue. Then the war ended. As hellish as war is, things are clearer during conflict; there's a cause to serve that divides right from wrong. Now, the Phare staff are facing big existential and logistical questions while they sort out love, money, and the future they are newly free to think of.

There are two female characters and three male characters, all open to players of any gender. Themes discussed may include loss of loved ones, suicide, sexism, and ableism. Please contact the GM at tegan dot kehoe at gmail dot com if you have any questions.

The Tales of Irnh

The Tales of Irnh is a dark, philosophical Tale-telling LARP set in the universe of Across the Sea of Stars. The game consists of a series of chronological Tales - short microLARPs - that illuminate the history of the Irnh. Players will be given a short new background and new character for each historical Tale. Decisions made in earlier Tales may inform later Tales.

These Tales ask fundamental questions - about the worth of a being, about the purpose of a life, and more. These decisions are never easy, and pain, anguish, and angst are frequently the result. Hope is born out of adversity, and there are glimmers of light even in the darkest times - but these Tales represent dark times for the Irnh.

This is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat five player LARP. There are no gendered pronouns in the game, which means same sex relationships may occur in Tales. The Tales are small; every player is expected to drive the action. Players will play a variety of roles during the game, good and evil, protagonist and antagonist - but all critical to the Tale. This is not a LARP for beginners.

While this takes place in the same universe as Across the Sea of Stars, the games are independent. Players can play in one without spoiling the other. The Tales of Irnh is comparable to one of the Tale periods in Across the Sea of Stars, without Home Characters. As a five player LARP, we will frequently run parallel tracks of the game to allow for more players, but unlike the Tale periods, these tracks do not mix and swap with other tracks. The Tales of Irnh is much darker in tone from Across the Sea of Stars; they are very different experiences.

A link to the website for The Tales of Irnh is included.